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  • calendar 05/03/2020

What are the qualities that have created such a successful reputation for ILA throughout its 20-years’ journey of teaching? In addition to the quality of training and vision, compassion and empathy are decisive factors, especially in the education market. The story of ILA Vietnam strengthens this point.

The first steps along the journey of a thousand miles

Twenty years ago, Vietnam opened its doors to the world. There was a pressing need for English, which was required for communication and exchange. The model of learning foreign languages was pioneered with small classes taught by Vietnamese teachers, using standard textbooks, not updated since the 1970s. At that time, ILA established an international level English language education model - setting a new standard in education with 100% of its teachers in Vietnam being native speakers. This was a significant benchmark for learning English and received a great response from the community. From an initial tiny classroom, ILA quickly developed and became the leading provider of English language training in Vietnam.

From the very beginning, ILA has always focused on investing in international standard education methodically and diligently. With its team of Directors and Managers comprising more than 80 experienced foreigners, ILA focuses on researching and developing teaching content, while keeping current with 21st century educational trends.

ILA CEO Tran Xuan Dzu said: “We have a philosophy that values investing in curriculum as the core of an educational institution. I believe that any business model will not last for long if it does not put its products and customer commitments first.”  Because of this approach to education, ILA constantly strives to update and improve its products, and aims to equip students with the necessary skills of the 21st century particularly soft skills, digital literacy and other essential skills.

Teachers play a vital role at ILA

A team of more than 700 native English speaking teachers at nearly 50 centers across the country with more than 30,000 students have provided credibility and reliability for ILA's teaching quality for over two decades. "Studying at ILA, students always have a feeling that they are stepping into an inspiring world of learning. Going to class everyday creates a sense of an emotional journey with teachers, friends, homework, projects, and exams. All of these increases over time as technology assist in acquiring knowledge in more efficient ways," Mr. Quang Huy, one of the first students of ILA, shared.

"You can change the world if you care enough."

In the past month, in addition to health and safety, children's learning has been a concern for the majority of Vietnamese parents. ILA - a truly passionate educational organization with many years of experience in the use of technology in teaching - promptly responded to this concern by implementing the "Online Learning Ecosystem", including ILA@Home and online classrooms called ILA@Live exclusively for ILA students, where they not only study English directly with their teachers and friends, but also practice self-paced learning and explore activities with family members through ILA@Home.

Since the launch date, this ecosystem has been constantly receiving positive feedback from parents. “It’s been a great support. The kids are still studying with their teachers. There are also many videos, exercises and activities for children to do all day without being bored. I can also join with my kids and I am learning how to support them from home.” This has proved that success comes from professionalism, deployment of resources, deep research and most importantly, empathy with the needs of the students and respect for the first and best teachers any child has - their family.

Students are excited to join ILA@Live online class

This "ecosystem" has received support not only from parents and students but also from ILA teachers and staff. Joel Swagman, one of ILA's senior and most experienced teachers, said, "The high standards at ILA have constantly made me want to teach better. Because of the continual expectation of high quality, I have grown a great deal in my profession. Only at ILA have I studied specific courses about cultural differences and how to teach Vietnamese children. We’re really proud of this ecosystem. At this challenging moment, we are still provided with the best conditions by ILA to focus our expertise where it matters - on our students and for their parents." Clearly, the calm and thoughtful manner of ILA's implementation of online learning platforms has solved three difficult problems simultaneously: maintaining the joy of learning for students, providing peace of mind for parents and keeping up the energy and enthusiasm levels of all staff.

Welcome to a challenging 2020 and be assured that ILA will confidently accompany parents and students in overcoming Covid-19 with enthusiastic teachers and teaching assistants to continue the "Education for Life" journey.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep our balance, we must keep moving,” said one of the world’s most respected innovators and compassionate educators, Albert Einstein. Two decades of ILA's movement have created meaningful milestones for English education in Vietnam and have contributed to growing young Vietnamese generations who are confident and able to change the world through both deep skills and a true understanding of global citizenship.